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We are looking to put up photos from league events and league nights. Please email us with any photos you would like to add.

About The MDL

The Manhattan Dart League is a league dedicated to people who love playing competitive darts in the Manhattan borough of New York City.

We play out of a large number of bars from lower Manhattan to the upper east and west side.

If your establishment would like to join our league and have players looking to start up a team out of your business please contact us for details on how to join.

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Please remember to take a picture of the weekly scoresheet and email it to the league. Failure to do so within 2 days after match will result in points deducted from your overall score. Also, it is the responsibility of the home team captain to download the input sheet and email it to the league within 2 days after match. Go to the scoresheet page and download the sheet which corresponds to your bracket.



C Div. doubles & singles

Sat. May 3rd

B Div. doubles & singles

Sat. May 10th

A Div. singles & doubles

Sat. May 17th

Ladies singles & doubles

Sat. May 31st

A Premier singles & doubles

Sat. May 31st

Payment of league Fees

All Captains,

            There was an invoice placed in every team package. Please make sure your home bar receives this invoice. The invoice only reflects dues for this current season. There are Bars that still owe for the last 2 seasons.

            All Fees are due by week 7. If payment hasn't been recieved by the due date a $25 dollar late fee will be added and 2 points will be deducted every week until the fees are received.

Ralph Pravata

League Commissioner

Registered Players


Only Registered players are permitted to play. Having someone play that is not registered will result in loss of points for each match that person played. Playing a person under someone elses name is CHEATING and will be treated as such. Please read the rules regarding these issues.